Typeóca EULA Promo Info


A font is a software. When you buy a font’ what you’re actually getting is a licence that allows you to use the software according to pre-determined terms and conditions.

Every foundry tries to ‘simplify type licensing’ to ‘better meet their customers’needs’, and Typeóca is no exception. if we have succeeded in doing it, well, that’s a whole other topic.


If you or your company are interested in acquiring a Licence™ for a Typeóca™ font, be sure to read the licensing agreement’s terms and conditions.

brief summary with no legal value

Any person, company, entity or enterprise using a Typeóca font needs to acquire a license in order to legally do it. The price of the license varies according to the size of the company licensing it, measured by the number of employees at the time of purchase. After acquiring the adequate license, the font can them be used for different purposes.*

* Desktop / Web / App / ePub

If you or your company have very specific needs that do not fit in our standard licensing agreement, please contact us so we can try to find a solution that pleases everyone involved .