Typeóca EULA Promo Info

Buying fonts? In this economy? Well... we know times are rough†, so we’ve decided to give you a chance to get a license for your favourite Ferpa cut without having to worry about money issues.

The mechanics are the same from when we first launched Graúna: you spend some time developing a Specific Kind of Artwork*, we reward you with a Ferpa License.

† we live in Brazil, we know what we’re talking about

The rules are quite simple. On the link below, you’ll find all the files you need to participate in this limited time offering: two Special Ferpa Font Files, and the guidelines for the development of you Specific Kind of Artwork*.


You can develop you Specific Kind of Artwork* in any medium or language: Motion Graphics, Illustration, 3D, Photography, Instagram Filter, Oil Painting, etc. The only rules you’ll have to comply are (1) it has to be an original work / meaning it has to be developed specifically for this promotion / (2) it must have the word ‘Ferpa’ written with our ‘Ferpa’ font, occupying a minimum of around 20% of the Artwork’s* height or, if you prefer, the letter ‘F’ occupying a minimum of around 60% of the Artwork’s* height / if you want to write extra stuff you can use other fonts for it, we won’t be jealous, the important thing is to use the Ferpa font for writting either ‘Ferpa’ or just the ‘F’ / (3) no lazyness allowed / you’ll have at least pretend you’ve made an effort, don’t just drop the font in a basic background /.

After developing a Specific Kind of Artwork*, you’ll have to post it on you Instagram Feed, make sure to tag us / @type.oca / and use the hashtag / #PromoTypeoca / so we can find it.

Finally, send us your Specific Kind of Artwork* and the link to your Instagram post to our email / oi@typeoca.com / using the subject line / PROMO TYPEOCA /, and telling us the Ferpa cut you’d like / since Ferpa is a ‘variable font’ you don’t have to be limited to the predefined instances, you can ask for Ferpa Italic 93 or even Ferpa Upright 237 /. The files for the cut you’ve chosen and its license will be sent as a reply to your email.

This Specific License will be restricted 1 user/ 1 workstation. If you’re a Design Studio or Company that would like to participate in this promotion, hit us up.

This is a limited time offering. The final deadline will be announced on our Instagram / @type.oca / with at least a weeks notice.

By participating in this promotion you’re automatically giving Typeóca the right to use you Specific Kind ofArtwork* for its Font Propaganda. Typeóca will always publish your Specific Kind of Artwork* with its due credits, and will not sell it, or any sort of product using it, without first contacting you and reaching an agreement.

Contact us at oi@typeoca.com if you have any doubts.