— Graúna

(1) Time = Money. The exchange rate for such equivalency, however, tends to fluctuate a lot. (2) Designing a typeface is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. (3) The most common currency on the Font Market™ are either US Dollars or Euros. (4) Font Licensing™ is not a Common Practice™ within many countries Design Market™.

Thinking about those issues, Typeóca’s Marketing Department™ has come up with an audacious plan:

Your Time = Our Font*
*broadly speaking


It’s pretty simple: you dedicate your time to develop Graúna themed Original Artwork, and Typeóca™ will reward you with a license of its latest release: Graúna™. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

01. Download the template on the following link:
Graúna Template

02. Create your Original Artwork using the template. It could be anything: illustration, sculpute, photo, collage, etc. The only requirements are the following: (1) The artwork has to be original /meaning it has to be developed specifically for this promotion/ (2) the artwork has to be somewhat related to the theme Graúna /Graúna is the Portuguese name for Chopi Blackbird (Gnorimopsar chopi) by the way/ (3) Lazy Work™ not allowed.

03. Post your artwork on your Instagram Feed™ using the hashtag /#PromoTypeoca/ and make sure you tag Typeóca /@type.oca/ on the photo.

04. Send your Original Artwork and the Link to your Instagram post to / with the subject /PromoTypeoca/. The font (and its license) will be sent to you as a reply to this email.


01. The License Agreement for the promotion is valid for 01 person / 01 computer. If you are a Design Studio™ with 05 designers / 05 computers, for example, you would have to send 05 different Original Artworks to get a license for everyone in the team.

02. This is a Limited Time Offering. Submissions will only be accepted until May 1st.

03. By participating in this promotion you are automatically giving Typeóca™ the right to use your Original Artwork for the promotion of its Graúna™ typeface. Typeóca™ will always give credit whenever it uses you Original Artwork. Typeóca™ will not sell your Original Artwork or stuff with your Original Artwork printed on it unless you authorize us to do so.

04. If you have any doubts, email us at