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Typeóca™ is the result of Gabriel Figueiredo’s insistence on dedicating his spare time to take a chance on type design. Font by font, the Foundry™ slowly blossomed over the years producing type and, thanks to Gabriela Silva’s tenacity, a wide range of type related paraphernalia.

Typeóca Fonts™ can be acquired on this website and through other type resellers, such as MyFonts, YouWorkForThem, and Fontspring. Each channel has its own terms and conditions for licensing our fonts, so make sure you pay attention to the small letters.

If you wish to stay on top of the latest Typéoca related news, follow us on Instagram and/or on Behance — likes and commentaries are very much welcome. We also occasionally write and share our thoughts on Medium. If you have any doubts, hints or proposals, fell free to reach out to us on our email.



TYPE / from French, or from Latin typus ‘symbol, emblem’; from Greek tupos ‘impression, figure, type,’ from tuptein ‘to strike.’

ÓCA / from Tupi-Guarani, name given to typical Brazilian indigenous’ housing.

Bonus pun for portuguese speakers only


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